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We’ve added some exiting changes to our Monthly newsletter. Today we reveal, our 901 Cover girl, Magan Hemingway, who holds our October 21 Monthly Spotlight. We will share how she turned her “Tragedy into Triumph” as we highlight her story “Wigs Bring Confidence” exclusively here in our

”YazzyBDesigns Edition”


”Wigs Bring Confidence”

Born and raised in Loris, South Carolina, Magan Hemingway, the CEO and Owner of Megan’s Wig & Hair Boutique, a wife, and mother of three beautiful children. In 2017, Magan survived a tragedy that changed her life and the way she saw herself in the mirror. She suffered trauma from a disaster car accident that left her entire right side of her face crushed, and resulted to her losing some of her hair. Magan’s tragedy did not only affect her life physically, but impacted her mentally as well. She struggled to rebuild herself and all that she lost, including both her self-esteem and self-confidence. Magan always shared a passion for the hair industry, but after discovering that making wigs was her purpose, she now shares how she turned her Tragedy into Triumph in hopes to inspire many people around the world. With her family and children depending on her, Magan knew she had to fight for her life back and not feel sorry for self. From that moment she started making wigs by hand as a hobby to regain her focus, and wearing each of the wigs herself. When Magan discovered the sewing machine, she began researching and teaching herself how to make custom wigs with her very own techniques. Many people reach out and ask her who designed her wigs while also inquiring about purchasing them. As Megan’s business began to take off, she started to feel some relief doing what she loved, and helping other women just like her whom had experienced hair loss while sewing their confidence and self-esteem back in each hand-crafted unit for woman all around the world. She promotes self- confidence, both strong and healthy, quality protective styles. Her saying is “Invest In yourself girl, a quality wig is a long-term investment.” Hence the longevity. “ Magan is versatile in slaying hair, making custom wigs and teaching one on one classes. She found herself and is now able to share her success and testimony that when something bad happens, you shouldn’t get discouraged and give up. She’s utilizing her second chance at life to helping and inspiring others.

“We are here for it Magan.”

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