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Searching for your purpose in life? Have you ever lost yourself trying to find who you are in existence? In life people often lose their self in the presence of helping others, in their relationships, friendships, and careers. During the many trials and errors of life that you may encounter, it's common that you are reluctant to lose yourself during the process. This road is not easy. Typically, we all need reassurance, guidance and a little push along the way to find the happiness that beholds within you. (Self-Love) Barring the many topics that are discussed, you will be challenged on the path to finding yourself and who you truly are. Time is of the essence, and accepting that you will not find yourself, where you lost yourself (past) leaves only one option, to move forward and develop healthy habits to make a change that's beneficial for yourself and who you are becoming. (Future)

Finding Myself The Blueprint Journal of Self-Reflection

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