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Girl's Getaway portrays the friendship that we have all experienced one way or the other with the people around us. While the story is being told by Dream, who happens to be the centre that holds the sophisticated friendship together, other characters do not fail to be seen as she explores their background to the beginning of their journey to Miami.

Four women - Dream, Nikki, Kardi and Star are self-made successful businesswomen and great friends. They decide to take some time off for a relaxing vacation in Miami city. They each have their differences occasionally, but Dream is always there to bring them back together. Their journey changes course when they have to sleepover at an old lodge to avoid a coming storm. That night, something happens. It is a night of getting drunk and confessing. Their friendship is tested when morning comes. Will they overcome the dirty secrets? Will they stay unified? Will they cancel their trip and ride home or head to enjoy their annual Girls' vacation? Find out!

Girls Getaway

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