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Have you ever purchased or paid someone for information, and afterwards you felt  completely clueless? If the answer is YES, then I'm here to tell you this information you are about to receive gives you the basic breakdown of starting and structuring your business. What makes it different? Many people sell their vendors, and won't give you any information,  to ensure that you are properly starting and structuring your business correctly. After reading this infomatio, you will have the option to decide if you're ready to move forward, and purchase the Vendors list. It is SOLD completly separately.  This isn't just a regualr list, inside the Vendors List is over 100 vendors. So what are you waiting for? Go purchase your copy today.



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In my BAG Vendors List

  • This download is completely FREE, I'm providing you the basic fundamentals  of structuring your business, and what you will need to start your own online business/boutique. The Vendor list is SOLD completely seperately. You should automatically receive download once added to the cart, and proceed to check out.

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