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What is the purpose of a vendor list? A vendor list is a group of people or companies that a business uses to purchase items and services from. This list will show all of the verified vendors many companies such as yourself can build loyal relationships with on a a regular basis in order to purchase and receive the items and services that you will need to maintain your business. When selecting vendors it's always best to choose vendors that are cost efficiency,  quality of products, assurance of supply, good service and offers quick delivery.


The In my BAG vendors list is not just a regular list of vendors that everyone else is selling. It is a digital e-book available for those looking to start an online business/boutique. This e-book exclusively shares over 100 vendors inside. BONUS:  I have provide the steps you will need to structure, start and set your buisness up for success in a FREE separete download. . So don't hesitate, simply purchase this e-book and start your business today. I'm here to tell you that this e-book is one of the best affordable investments you can make and that will definitely get you the BAG.  Due to inflation , This sale won't last long.


Please be sure to include your correct email and information at checkout to ensure that you will receive the link for your purchase.




After purchase this download will be available to you for ONLY 30 days.


If you're needing assistance with logo designs, website design for your business feel free to check out our services.

In My BAG Vendors List

  • Thank you for purchasing the Official  In my BAG Vendors List, and now its time to get  started on your very online buisness/boutique. I gave you the basics of structing your business  for FREE so, if you have'nt already downloaded the In my BAG FREE download please go ahead an do so.

    There are NO REFUNDS on this download. All sales are final. Any questions please feel free to reach out, and we will be sure to respond ASAP.


    Thanks for Shopping and I can't wait to see you GET TO THE BAG.

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