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We’ve all experienced the raw and uncut drama unfold. Last time around when the truth all came to the light, each one of them were all a part of the game that was played until the secret’s they each all had were revealed. Revealing every last of their true colors. Colors that each had its own identity. Infidelity, Betrayal, temptation, lust, lies and the deception that left your mind’s wondering what was coming next.Picking up where things last left, is Pearl going to forgive her husband Fat Rell for the sake of their marriage and child? Being punished for his reckless life, Killer P’s comeuppance was losing his wife Lisa. The tables turned quickly and the scandalous acts of Killer P’s side piece Toya caused unhealthy illnesses for them both, leaving Killer even crueler than ever before. How far will things go?Things weren’t at all seem as they appeared to be, and we discovered that everything that glittered wasn’t gold. Keisha’s betrayal didn’t strike as a shock to Bria, who disliked her grimy ways. Bria did any and everything possible to protect the one she loved, and for that Keisha had a price to pay. How horrible was it to know that she was burned alive? So much has occurred over the year. Find out what happens next when the glitter turns into dust.

The Life of a Spouse Part 2: When the Glitter turns into dust

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