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All marriages and relationships differ in their own unique way. Marriage is work!!! Although, most compare their lives to others, some challenges may be harder than expected. These stories are designed to give you the raw, uncut dimensions throughout this fiction thriller that will keep you on edge. As Pearl tells her life story, those around her will reveal their true colors. Will she fight for her marriage? Or fall for the temptation, just as the others have. As things seem to get heated between Pearl and Fat Rell’s marriage, there are secrets that some will hold, and some will unfold. Killer P is hot in these streets, as he’s faced with a life and death situation. Kesha is scared for her life not knowing what’s next. Are you willing to read this story and reveal what’s next..

The Life of a Spouse Part 1: Everything that glitters ain’t gold

$10.00 Regular Price
$5.00Sale Price
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